Wednesday, November 24, 2010

And the Holiday Countdown Begins....

So the temperatures have dropped around here and we actually got our first dusting of snow about a week ago.  Although the chickens don't really appreciate this change in seasons, it has left me in the Christmas spirit.  That being said, the countdown has begun here on JADA Farms.

The hustle and bustle has started as everyone rushes around getting ready for the upcoming holiday.  Workers here are running around taking down all the fall decor on the main streets, Santa Claus parades are scheduled for just about every weekend in the little communities around us and people are rushing around trying to get shopping done and be ready for the holidays.

This year we have decided that we are going to have an old fashioned Christmas, right down to the giving of homemade gifts.  Let the creating begin!!  The kids have jumped on the bandwagon and are actually just about done their gifts.  As for me, a few creations are done and sitting around the house already, while others are tucked out of sight until Old Saint Nick arrives....and then there are those that are still in the creative stages. (Obviously, I can not actually post any pictures of these creations until after the holidays). 

Hand Carved Chair

Actually...this one picture I can show you.  I made this hand carved pine chair for Andy.  However, due to space constraints and the fact that I was so pleased with my new creative outlet, he did receive this as an early Christmas present and it is sitting proudly just inside our front door for all visitors to see.

The house smells like peppermint thanks to the new cookie recipe I found, Peppermint yummy!!


Christmas decorations have started to be dug out of storage and arranged in the yard and throughout our little home, which now looks even homier thanks to all the candles burning every evening.  Every spare moment you can hear the clicking of knitting needles and the whir of spindles spinning fine alpaca threads.  There is still wood to be carved, a tree to be brought home and decorated, more baking to be done and gifts to be wrapped.  And most important of to be loved!

I am slowly realizing that, old fashioned Christmas or not, I am still wishing I had more time.


  1. I love it ALL! That chair is just awesome!

  2. Thanks Kaylen!!
    I find the wood carving to be so relaxing - you just completely lose track of time :)

  3. Oh Debbie that is beautiful, I want one of that too