Our Woodworking Shop

Andy comes from a carpentry background and his true passion is taking what looks old and broken down and turning it into something useful once again.  Wood that has otherwise been discarded or thought to have very little value is recycled.  With a little bit of time, effort and vision some incredible pieces come to life.

In today's society what people sometimes class as wood furniture is often far from it.  The aim at JADA Farms is to step back from a world of convenience and modular design and return to a time of pride and true craftmanship.  With every piece created, the history of the wood is preserved, thus making each piece a one of a kind creation that quickly becomes that cherished family heirloom.

What some people classify as a slab of wood that is bound for the firepit, with vision and imagination, becomes a one of a kind side table.  The knot that was considered a flaw is included in the design and becomes the charm and character of the piece.

Childhood memories of learning favourite family recipes and homemade blueberry pies are all brought back to life watching Andy take battered old pieces of wood and turning them into a beautiful harvest table.

Whether it be a harvest table, bench or coffee table each piece only makes us appreciate history and simpler times even more.  Each knot hole and imperfection adds character and tells the story of the wood.

As part of our business plan, Andy plans to build more of these pieces and sell them on our new Artfire online shop.