Thursday, June 2, 2011


So last weekend everyone was finally scheduled, we had a small group of four people, no new cria were making an appearance at the breeders and the weather was on our side.  Everything was a go....except all the sweat and damp in all that fleece.  So after shearing Parnell and Usairus our breeder decided that we should load up the fans in the barn, get the air circulating on our sweaty boys and try again on Sunday.

Sunday afternoon came and everything seemed to be in our favour again....everything except the shears.  We managed to get Usairus 'touched up' and get half of Tyrone done.  Have you ever seen a half sheared alpaca???  Not a pretty site, no wonder Tyrone was not authorizing the release of any photos.

Monday morning the heat and humidity started to build, right along with my concern for our boys.  Tuesday's forecast was even worse and we decided right there and then that if we didn't get the shearing done Monday after work that Andy was going to stay home Tuesday to stay with the boys, garden hose at the ready!  Luckily the call came early Monday afternoon from the breeder and we were on for finishing up that night. 

We started at about 4:30 pm, fans blowing on the boys, every barn door open for air circulation.  We turned on the shears, made a couple of adjustments and....they slipped through all that fleece like a hot knife through butter!!!  What a relief!!!

By 7:30 pm our boys were sheared and much more comfortable...

Humidity levels dropped a wee bit on Wednesday but we still had our typical summer Canadian heat.  Then this morning we woke up to a chilly 10 degrees and no humidity at all!!!  And we found our poor boys huddled in the barn looking at us as if to say...


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