Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tyrone Comes Around...Too Cool!!

So today, after a long day at work, we got to return to our tranquil life at JADA Farms.  Only tonight instead of our normal routine of dinner, yard work and chores, something special happened.  Our Tyrone, usually the strong silent type who is content to stand back and watch the coming and goings of the farm...did something that brought smiles to our faces and made our day!

Alpacas must be sheared in the spring due to the heat.  They can become overheated in the summer months leading to illness or worse.  An alpaca's "thermal window" is their belly.  For this reason, we had purchased a kid's wading pool this summer for our boys to play in, cooling their feet and bellies.  We had never noticed them going in the pool, although all of our research told us that alpacas love water.  A breeder in Kentucky that I have been corresponding with had offered the suggestion of trying a sprinkler, her alpacas love it.  To date I had only tried it once with no results.  Tonight, when I went to clean and change the water in their pool, I noticed the bottom was filled with sand....a good sign.  Andy suggested I put the hose on a low, fine spray and see what happens.  I crouched down in the paddock, slowly turned on the water and watched as most of the boys just stood there and looked at me....most, but not all.  The next thing we knew Mr. Strong and Silent was heading right for me.

Tyrone cooling off

We couldn't help but laugh watching Tyrone turning around over top of the hose.  In fact, he even tried to lay down on the end of the hose.  Our boy suddenly opened up, hanging out right beside me, sniffing my hair and moving around to make sure every inch of his legs and belly got a good soaking.

A little to the left please...

Who knew...our little loner is actually a hose hog!


  1. I LOVE this!!! Made me smile and smile. Such a great post and neat pictures!

  2. Thank you Kaylen! It was so can't help yourself but to smile and laugh while this amazing guy is romping around in the water.