Monday, January 10, 2011

A Great Day!!!

Today is a great day!!!

What I thought was an uneventful Monday, just kept getting better and better.  I found out this afternoon that my daughter Sydney, who has been working very hard this year to make the school volleyball team, has been asked to play an exhibition game on Wednesday so that the coach can make the final decision.  She has worked very hard and dedicated a lot of free time to working toward this all I can ask is for everyone to send best wishes her way.

Then, while browsing through my usual blogs that I follow, I discovered that I had actually won a giveaway I had entered last week.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lindy for her wonderful giveaway.  If anyone who follows my blog is interested in checking out a truly creative artist and photographer check out the Loco Life of Lindy ( )  And look what I won!!!!

I can hardly wait to curl up with these cozy alpaca socks on my feet and play with that absolutely gorgeous yarn...thanks again Lindy.

And finally, after two weeks of cloudy skies, our Sydney finally got a clear sky tonight.   Trust me, it didn't take long for that telescope to get taken outside.  Everyone got a chance to brave the cold (and trust me, it is cold here tonight) and check out the skies.  I think we all have a brand new appreciation for this world we live in.  How anyway could not be amazed once they see the moon the way we did this evening is just beyond me.

Well off to spend the rest of this great day with my wonderful family, good night all!!


  1. Good lucky Sydney! Congrats Deb!

  2. Thanks Kaylen
    I can not wait to see her play!! Can't wait to see Lindy's yarn too.