Friday, January 28, 2011


Today is an awesome day!

Since becoming an alpaca owner and learning to spin the gorgeous fleece into yarn, I have been amazed at the talents of the people I have come into contact with.  Spinning, weaving, seems there is an endless list of uses for alpaca fleece. 

So today, a typical Friday, I came home looking forward to visiting with our boys during chores and then spending the evening trying my second attempt at dying some yarn I had hand spun earlier this week.  Our King, Windsor, has supplied us with such gorgeous fleece and I have been thoroughly enjoying spinning and dying the yarn I have created.

Mom's Beautiful Boy

Windsor, at first glance, appears to have beautiful white fleece....but no.  His wonderful crimpy fleece is actually a lovely, soft light fawn.  Absolutely gorgeous all on its own.

Yes it is as soft as it looks

So, this evening, while my second attempt at dying lay soaking in a pot absorbing all that wonderful cherry Kool Aid...

I sat opening my mail....specifically the large envelope that arrived from Kentucky.  And here I sit, with my toes snug and cozy in my new alpaca socks, writing my blog and trying to narrow the endless online supply of knitting patterns to just one item to make with my newly acquired alpaca yarn that I won recently.

Lindy's Beautiful Yarn

Now if you will excuse me, I will be spending the rest of the weekend creating with this wonderful yarn.  As for Lindy, thank you so very much for choosing me as the winner of your giveaway.  Since starting to follow your blog, I have been impressed by your photos, your creations and your ability to tell the story of life on your farm.  Now that I actually have these two skeins of your gorgeous dyed yarn I am even more impressed and wish I could spend a weekend with you learning even more about this art.

Now...what to create????


  1. Lindy is one of my favorite people! She lives one county over and our newest jr. herdsire is from her farm. So happy you discovered her!

  2. Me too Kaylen, thanks for sharing her!

  3. You two are both so sweet! Kaylen, we're gonna have to get Deb to come to Kentucky and we'll have our own fiber retreat! So glad you're enjoying the yarn, Deb, can't wait to see the final result.

  4. Looking forward to seeing what you create with Lindy's gorgeous yarn Deb! Love your banner photo too!!!

  5. Thanks Clasheen. The banner photo is our three youngest boys...they are absolutely gorgeous and trust me, the fawn and white ones know