Friday, February 4, 2011

The Colour of Inspiration...

While attempting to simplify life, I have realized that there are so many sources of inspiration.  Unfortunately, too many of us are too busy or too scheduled to take notice.

A perfect many people who live in large cities really notice colour?  I mean real colours, the blue of a lake, the different shades of green in the grass or the vibrant gold of the leaves in autumn.  Since we moved to our little chunk of "country" in October, we were surrounded by those autumn colours and every shade of green you could imagine.  It wasn't until our boys became part of our lives that I really started to notice the real details of colours. 

At first glance, our Windsor looks white, but it wasn't until we had him on the shearing table and took a close look at that gorgeous fibre that we realized that our white boy was actually light fawn.  It wasn't until I learned to spin and first saw that light fawn fleece turning into yarn that I saw that shade change yet again.

This fall, I was surrounded by inspiration every time I stepped foot out my door.  It didn't matter where you stood on the property, we were shown all the colours and shades autumn had to offer and thanks to my spinning classes....I noticed!  And all I could think of was the colours of yarn I could someday create.

Now that all those colours are gone and everything is laying under a blanket of white, where could I find inspiration???  That's easy...right here.  Since starting our blog, I have been lucky enough to 'meet' fellow spinners, fibre artists and alpaca owners....and, might I add, some of the nicest people who I now consider my friends!  These ladies have encouraged me, taught me and shared their skills with me.  Who says "SIMPLE" can't be "COLOURFUL"

So "simple" now includes the love of creating hand dyed yarn with Kool Aid...and remember that gorgeous yarn I won a few weeks back??  Well not only have I been practicing my dying but I also have been getting a little more courageous with my knitting.  I now am the proud owner of a new handknit cozy alpaca cowl.

Everyone should have a little 'colour' in their life!!!


  1. I know what you mean about noticing color- since I've been photographing regularly for my blog, I know that I notice and appreciate it much more. The cowl is GORGEOUS! Thanks for posting that photo, that was a great way to use the yarn.

  2. I love my new cozy!!! I've been getting a ton of compliments and even an order for one for a friend.