Monday, February 21, 2011

Family Day

This weekend we are enjoying a Family Day long weekend and I put down my spinning and knitting, got out the camera and decided to journal our weekend together.

The weekend started with running kids around to sleepovers...and of course whenever someone new sleeps over at our house the girls just have to take them out to meet the critters.  Logan had to show how our Wellington loves giving kisses.  "Good morning Wellington". 

After all the kids were picked up, dropped off or brought home I decided to take some time Sunday morning to spend with our boys.

Of course, pictures aren't always so easy to take with this big friendly goof around.  "Wellington, please don't kiss the camera".  We got a nicer day on Sunday and all the critters on JADA Farms were having some fun outside. 

Vincent wanted to spend some time with Smokey...unfortunately all poor Smokey wanted to do was hang out on the fence in the sunshine.

My girls and I took off for a "girls' day' and went to the local arena to take in some skating.  Well they skated...I took pictures.  My skating was put on hold due to the mouse nest that Levi found in my skate...YUCK!!

Luckily, no mouse was actually found....YUCK...just evidence of him or her...YUCK....and my skates will be fine once they are cleaned out....YUCK!!!  The girls got a good laugh out of it though and you would be amazed how many Mickey jokes two little girls can come up with.  With our skating date finished, it was time to head back to the farm and have some lunch.

With the beautiful sunny day finally melting away some of the snow, our boys actually spent the entire day outside.  Apparently, to an alpaca, last year's grass is better than no grass at all!  I am starting to feel that need for the snow to be gone so I can spend some time sitting in the paddock with our boys.  Well....time to get back to spinning and some other projects....


  1. I want Wellington kisses! :) I'm with you on the mouse nest YUCK factor! Loved following along with you on your family day.

  2. Thanks Kaylen...Wellington is beyond loveable. When we first got him, he was constantly trying to lick Andy's head every time he bent over or crouched down to do something in the